It’s time to update our roadmap and give you some news. Let’s be honest, our goals stay the sames, but we are a little bit late 😉

Milestones and achivements.

Paris Game Week

This year we colaborated with ESWC, more than 100 Kaliento customized with the ESWL logo had been offer for the PUBG competition.

Paris Games Week is always a good event to talk with players who use the Kaliento. We ask them what they think about, go on our Youtube channel to watch the video!


For those who have missed the announcement, it is now possible to customize and engrave your Kaliento. A dedicated page has been launched : here. We also did a short video to show how it’s work.

If you are interested in, just send us your logo and we will be very happy to give you a realistic mockup.

1 year birthday

BEQUIPE was created in October 2017, we are 1 year old ! 🙂 To celebrate it, you should read the blog written by Rémi.  This article is a perfect sum up of our history.

This is a crazy journey and we are going to work hard to move forward and achieve our dream.

Next step

Now let’s talk about the future. Bequipe’s goal is to offer innovative solutions to improve players’ comfort and performance. We have been working on a new product for a few months. Development is progressing well, innovation is time-consuming so we are kind of late 😉

Starting from a stupid idea, we decided to create a new product. The conception part is finished and we have prototyped it with 3D printing technology. We are going to perform some tests with players to improve our concept then it will be available for our customers.

We thought we would be able to launch our Kickstarter campaign in November but we prefer to move it on February. Taking more time for the development is an investment to offer you the best product to support on a fundraising campaign.

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