From Snake to eSport mobile game

Esports is booming all over the world. From the first eSports tournament in October 1972 to present, tournaments have changed a lot. Players can now compete with each other in a variety of ways, starting with a confrontation on the central line in League Of Legends and finishing with a battle in Clash of Clan. That’s why eSport mobile game now sounds not so wild and strange, as it might seem at first. Especially with the launch of games such as PUBG mobile.


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One year ago no one could imagine that mobile games can become a major competitive discipline like traditional PC esports. Nevertheless, we have the opportunity to observe an incredible situation. Mobile games grew so fast for the last several months that they can compete with industry’s big players nowadays. Today there is a thousand tournaments on mobile eSport game. Supercell tried to make Clash of Clans a new esports discipline. Recently ESWC hosts a mobile LAN competition during Paris Game Week.

At the same time in Asia, King of Glory beats all records with 20 million people online at the peak. This game community grows with the speed of flying Superman. And this is just the begin of mobile eSport !


PUBG mobile, future star?

The arrival of the new game, already well established such Fortnite and PUBG will literally explode the scores. Highly acclaimed on the PC, those game got a strong community with hardcore players who spend dozens of hours every day. This version is a serious contender to become the next eSport mobile game. Textures are beautiful, framerate is stable, and the game doesn’t crash. From a technical point of view, PUBG mobile is remarkable.


PUBG mobile

You can also play with a mobile remote


The mobile eSport game is a reality and grow quickly. Let’s take few minutes to think about what a mobile LAN might look like? Imagine 80 players, phone in hands, gathered in the same room. No switch to install, no cables on the floor, just a huge Wifi or 5G connection and the competition can start.

That’s not the same enjoyment as moving on LAN with all your stuff (computer, screen, keyboard…) but this is what we call: evolution 😉





8 thoughts on “From Snake to eSport mobile game

  1. Ryan McCollum says:

    Pub g mobile should definitely have tournaments but I think that anybody should be able to join and matched by ranks to make sure there are qualified matches for spectators as well as making it so someone in Colorado could vs someone in Washington for the big game and not have to fly a plane to meet in some room with a WiFi connection

  2. DeadScopeX says:

    I just went into a match of squads as a solo and got 21 kills as well as the win. Come at me bro. If you wanna play my name is DeadScopeX

  3. Andres Juarez says:

    Cuz you were playing mostly bots. Everyone has good stats in early ranks cuz there aren’t that many real(or good) players.

    • Whoshotya206 says:

      Lol so true it’s basically all boys in the beginning they use real user names to trick you into thinking their real players you just crushed but in reality they are trying to build your confidence to go up against harder opponent’s as you advance thru the ranks so ppl who aren’t used to battle royal won’t just quit and uninstall after one match of getting stomped by some try hard

  4. David Rhoden says:

    My last match I played I got 12 kills and got that delicious chicken dinner. I mostly am a sniper and have a decent headshot ratio. If you want to play my username is DavidRhodenJ

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