How to use it ?

1. Anchor the tape at your fingers

Take the backing off the tape only at the ‘anchor' end where the two holes are. Holding your arm in front of you with your palm upwards, slide your two middle fingers through the two holes in the tape. Press the anchor end of the tape onto your skin, around your fingers.

Do NOT pull or apply any tension to the tape when applying it to your skin, just take off the back and press it down onto the skin.

2.Stick the tape up across your wrist and arm.

  • Fully extend your wrist hold your arm directly out in front of you, palm up. Then use your other hand to pull your hand downwards so your wrist bends. Your hand should be at a 90 degree angle to your arm. Once your wrist is fully extended, take the backing off the rest of the tape as you stick it to your skin.
  • When you straighten your wrist and hand you should notice the tape has some natural folds or ripples in it at your wrist joint. This is to ensure you still have full motion of your hand and wrist while the tape is on.

3.Apply the last tape

  • Place the middle part of the tape over your inner wrist. Slowly remove the backing from one side and attach it to your arm.
    • The tape ends may cross over each other.

4.Enjoy the game

  • The purpose of the tape is to pull open the carpal tunnel and ease the pressure on your median nerve. The purpose is not to apply any additional pressure (which is why you didn’t apply pressure when attaching the tape to your skin).
  • As such you should still be able to fully move your hand and wrist once the tape is on.