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Already 1 year!


A year ago, for the first time, our hand warmer designed for gaming, “Kaliento”, was presented on the ESL Arena stages. The welcome was very enthusiastic, both from the players and the public.

On our first birthday, it is time to thank the organizers for planning the Paris Games Week early November and for having left the doors open by 3 ° C.

Ideal conditions to launch a hand warmer …! 😉

Kaliento hand warmer esl


To sum up our story, the idea of ​​Kaliento came initially from observing professional players.

They used heaters dedicated to outdoor sports. We were convinced that, to practise gaming, players need a hand warmer more technical, more efficient and, above all, usable longer.

We have obviously faced many doubts, even within the esport community, but Kaliento has always convinced its audience.Who has never felt numb hands and fingers because of the cold before a game?

It’s an issue as old as the video game. There has been many articles and videos that give tips to avoid having cold hands, in particular that of Dr. Levi Harrison.

Kaliento hand warmer ESL

To be very concrete, achieving a perfect dexterity requires a temperature of 23°C on the skin of your hands. It’s precisely to reach this ideal temperature that Kaliento offers different modes of heating.

The name “Kaliento” is gradually becoming a reference in France for its quality and usefulness.In the coming weeks, we will focus on our international development with the same ambition, making hand warmers a standard for all players!

cold hands gaming


What’s next ? 

For Bequipe, an esports player is a full athlete. He trains, competes, wins, loses, gets injured.The goal that we have set ourselves since the creation of the company is to respond by technology to all the physical discomforts encountered by video game players.

What we aim? That each player is always at his best during his game.

We are currently working on two new innovations and, as for Kaliento, we expect to delight or bring some teeth-grinding, but we love it! 🙂


While writing these lines, we obviously have a big thought for the companions of the first hour: “Aefy, Oserv Esport, Lulu, Clement W., Wayers, Aera Tournament, The Source” to name only them!

A special thank to Samy Ouerfelli, Director ESL France, who immediately believed in the usefulness of Kaliento and the innovation it brought.

Also, a big thank you to all the people we met and the organizations we have had the chance to work with since the launching of Bequipe: “Bloody, Pyro, Zephyr, Crystal, Requiem, Gamers Origin, Fefe, Get Amazed, Lutti, AAA, Le Tremplin, Level256, Pawel, Max, Lisette, Geeks by Girls, Marco, JKTV, Diane, LDLC, Vitality, Team Queso, Maxnomic, Scoop Esport, Bulli, Luffy, the great teams from Lyon Esport, Gamers Assembly and DreamHack!”

We probably forget many, so it will be just a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!

A special dedication to our great team <3: Chloro, Clement, Thomas, Lorene, Palita, Benjamin, Alex and Hugo!

Esports is growing and we will continue to innovate for its success!

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