GTX Challenge, what is it ?

On November 18th and 19th, some of Europe’s greatest internet stars took on the GeForce #GTXChallenge in a nine hour live competition to celebrate some of the community’s most popular games. Top Twitch streamers and YouTube all-stars across Europe will battled it out in a bid to win the trophy.

Hosted in Paris’ ESL Studio, the event was streamed live. As part of the challenge, seven teams of three competed against each other in games, including Destiny2, Project CARS, Rocket League, PUBG, Overwatch and more.


What we have done.

For the GTX Challenge, the Kaliento was specially dressed up. As you see below, we use the green color of Nvidia to design this version. Really cool isn’t it ?


From the main stage to casters studio we are taking care of player’s hands. By this way we are pretty sure that streamers will give you a great show.  With an outside temperature of 7 °C, who are not happy to get a Kaliento before playing ?

We are making players happy !

Hidden features

During this event, we spent lot of time to talk with eSport coach, ESL crew, journalists, players, beautiful hostess and more… For us it is a great opportunity to share ideas, discuss, make joke and glimpse the improvements of our next product generation. But this time we discovered features hidden !

This opportunity was not possible without MisterMV and ZeratoR. Their perspicacity on live was just amazing, what we learn from them :

  • Kaliento is fucking hot, more than 80°C
  • It can be utilize as an electric kettle. Warm your body and sleep better
  • If you are using it in the wrong way, it can be dramatic for your progeny ?

One image reveals more than a thousand words, you can find the hidden features in this video :


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