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Full article by Joseph Nguyen available here.

A 21-day test before writing this article

I’m going to be honest with you. Before this test, I was very sceptical. I saw all these pros rubbing their hands religiously in the hope that it would bring them victory, but I was really not convinced. I was so not convinced that I decided to buy one “just to see”

Then I went to the manufacturer’s website to see their arguments but I couldn’t actually realize what it would bring me. We see on the site, for example, that we are improving reaction time by 60ms (ms = millisecond, thousandth of a second). It was impossible for me to imagine 60ms and the consequences it could have on my game, on my performances.

Aimlab to track my performance.

First, let’s discard a measurement method that I see too often and that proves absolutely nothing: experimentation based on users’ feeling. We see some videos where the person does tests and conlcued like “yeah, I feel it’s working well”. Your feelings are far too unstable and variable to be a reference.

For performance measurement, I used the Aimlab tool that can be downloaded from Steam. What I like about this tool is that we have precise measurements and that we can work on data in very precise way.


The process that I followed

To measure the advantages of the Kaliento, I simply decided to train with cold hands. I decided to warm up right after waking up and going to the bathroom. I already made these measurements without the Kaliento a little over a month ago by making 14-day measurements. The first 7 days, I was not cold at all and a 15-minute warm-up was more than enough to reach the thresholds I described above. On days 8 to 14, we had no more boiler and there was a cold snap, so it was perfect. Here, the difference was really violent, I really struggled to reach my threshold. Instead of 15 minutes, it took me between 25 and 30 minutes to get there.


So clearly, the heat has a huge impact on the warm-up time. I really didn’t think it would be of that kind. With the Kaliento and when your hands are frozen, you divide the time required for a good warm-up by at least half and when you are at room temperature, you save up to a third of the time.

For me, it is a great success. And I will recommend it to players who are serious about getting as high as possible, or even going pro. The reason is extremely simple and I repeat myself here: “you don’t want to lose your scrims because of your skills”. When you arep laying you want to be focused on : strategy, composition, tactics and execution.

If you need more information about test  &results, please read the full article here: https://centres-dinteret-jeux-video.com/jtpv-kaliento-chauffe-mains-reutilisable-pour-gamers/


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