Thanks to ESL, gamers tried for the first time Kaliento, gaming hand warmer at the Paris Games week 2017

We had the great opportunity to test our Kaliento on the stages of the ESL Arena.

Kaliento: the ESL surprise

During 5 days, gamers, amateurs and professionals, present in the ESL Arena discovered the innovative gaming hand warmer: Kaliento in black, blue and pink.

They could find them in the warm up room, on the main stage and on the Lenovo one which also offered hands warmer the best gamers!

Kaliento hand warmer esl


Discovering the gaming hand warmer

Sometimes gamers were a little bit septic…

Kaliento hand warmer esl

… but they quickly understood the benefit of using a gaming hand warmer. In Lan, it is cold and the wait is sometimes long so we are delighted to have been able to help them to animated this beautiful competition.

Cold Hands Kaliento

Kaliento, indispensable to play with warm hands

In addition to comfort, many players have asked us to continue to use the Kaliento.

Keeping your dexterity throughout a game, Kaliento has been thought to improve the performance of gamers. It is essential to keep in mind that a good dexterity offers a gain of 60ms of reactivity.

Kaliento AAA

What we learned

The warm welcome (yes.. it’s done on purpose 😉 ) received for this innovation encourages us to continue its development. Our goal is to make all gamers playing in the best conditions.


If you have the opportunity to test the product, do not hesitate to tell us what you think. Otherwise, we are waiting for you on our website and our social networks

See you soon and do not forget that winter is coming…

Paris Games Week cold hands

The Bequipe Crew


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