Gaming house what is it ?

Professional teams are more competitive now than ever before, with players striving every day to become the best they possibly can. Esport environment is moving fast : management staff, analysts and coaches are now employed to support players. A gaming house is more than a building where you can train your aim. Let’s take few minutes to understand why players are living in eSport house?

But everything is not great in a gaming house. There are some very dramatic claims.

Gaming houses breed animosity

gaming house

This statement is controversial, but there is evidence to back it up. It is fundamental human nature to make clear distinctions between different social settings and base their social interactions around this. What this means, is that everybody has different ‘spaces’ where we will assume different emotional states, personality traits and behavioral patterns. In a gaming house, you will without a doubt find at minimum six young men, for many of whom living here. It is essential for any human, but especially developing teenagers, to have an outlet in the shape of a place where you can exclude your working conditions in favor of getting privacy.


The integrity of the support staff surrounding a team

The coach on a team guides the play-style. He will tell the players what needs to change, what to focus on, and often become quite agitated when a player or team does not listen to the calls he makes. The situation here is, the coach is or should be, a funnel for all of the team’s strengths. He needs to streamline the team’s strategy and guide the direction in which discussion flows, to ensure that friction stays at a minimum. Put a coach in a situation where he lives with the players, however, can bring him in a conflict situation.

Esports office, the best solution?office esports house

A relatively new concept, inspired by esport house, has just recently been suggested or implemented. This would make gaming basically like most typical jobs. You live a commuting distance away but travel to work in order to compete and train. This provides a huge amount of benefits, including providing breathing space so you’re not constantly on top of each other, still playing off of one connection and providing you with that offline experience so when it comes to an event, you’re used to playing side by side.

Most people who are going to move to a team office location are unlikely to do in their hometown, so you’re probably still only going to know the people in your team initially, and any friends you make are also probably going to be friends with them too.


Overall the eSports team office is a great idea and probably makes slightly more sense than a team house. There is no definitive way to find THE best solution. The team office brings a fresh perspective to the team house but it also brings its own challenges.

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  1. Gamer says:

    The video states that the game houses started 6 years ago? Wrong. Check out the ARC of Empire Arcadia , Brooklyn, ny … just saying…

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