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Kaliento Hand Warmer ESLGaming hand warmers, what’is it?

A gaming hand warmers help gamers to fight against cold hands during practice sessions. Indeed, cold hands slow the nervous signal from brain to hand and impact reaction time. On eSport, the victory depends on the players’ ability to control the mouse perfectly and react as fast as possible. Scientific studies have shown that low temperatures can increase the reaction time by up to 21%. In a context where players compete to win several million dollars per tournament, everyone easily understands the interest of this new equipment.

  Kaliento at Paris Game Week, on the ESL main stage

Electronic devices versus conventional heaters

Kaliento brings a real innovation in the gamer set up. First innovation, the temperature control. Conventional heaters don’t have a warming management function. Heating temperature depends on the airflow that circulates through it. At the opposite Kaliento has two temperature sensors for an optimal control. This technical difference allows optimal use in enclosed environments like office or LAN event.

The second advantage comes from the technology. Thank an electronic system you can easily stop or resume the warming function by pressing one button. Furthermore, an LCD screen allows you to check battery level and choose among 4 different heating modes.

Third and last point: power bank. Kaliento is designed with a USB and micro-USB port. Easy to use, you just have to plug it and wait until full charge. When you are not playing you can use it as a power bank. Charge your phone, keep in touch with your mate and don’t get F*** with a low signal battery when you need to check your authenticator.

kaliento gaming hand warmers


Kaliento, a new eSport equipment

Kaliento is the first gaming hand warmers designed for eSport use. It aims to increase players’ comfort and performance. The goal is to optimize reaction time and dexterity. From occasional to professionals players we are proposing them an affordable and effective solution against cold hands.



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