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Athletes must train.
Athletes learn from their coaches.
Athletes work with their teammates.
Athletes share with their fans.

In ancient times, athletes were defined as “those who fight in public games. ” Here are “public games” of the 21st century.



Sport and Esport, the disciplines are different, the ambitions and emotions are the same. Competition is everywhere! At home, during lans, international events, the aim is to win.

The performance of a player or a team results from hours of training. Concentration, capacity of execution and self surpassing are the key words to esport performance.

With his extraordinary cognitive and physiological abilities, an athlete gamer concentrates during hours, analyzes and anticipates. He needs to demonstrate particular agility and dexterity to gain the upper hand over his opponent.

In order to develop these characteristics, specific to the practice of gaming, he must be rigorous and adapt his lifestyle to the requirements of the competition. An athlete takes care of his body: his eyes, his hands, his fingers, his wrists, his back, his legs! He puts himself in the best conditions to be, to feel and to play at his best.



“Gamers Are Athletes” aims to sublimate the performances of each player. It’s the strength of  Esport, it’s the identity of Bequipe. This identity, we built it over the months, and over the incredible encounters we have made!

Coach, analyst, caster, streamer, player,…. all wanted to participate and will share with you their vision of digital athletes !

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