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DreamHack Open 2018

This year the French DreamHack Open 2018 takes place from 19 to 21 May.  Founded in Sweden in 1994, DreamHack holds the Guinness record for the largest digital festival in the world. Available in several countries, this LAN gathers more and more gamers and E-sport enthusiasts.
Organized for the fourth time in France, the DreamHack Open has move to the Parc Des Expositions de Tours and promises us a great show!  This is the biggest video game festival in France : 3 days of intense competitions spread across 10 differents games. It’s also an opportunity to meet friends, professionals players, and influencers.


Dreamhack open 2018


Kaliento : try it for free !

For this event, we have introduce a complete set up around our flagship product: Kaliento. Our hand warmers will be on stage, on our stand but also available to players in the tournament area! Whether you are a player or an accompanist, you can try for free our hand warmer to improve your performance. And if you run out of battery power from taking too many pictures (or struggling to find your mates), you can recharge your phones with the portable battery function.
How does it work? To reserve your Kaliento it is very simple, just fill out this form.


#MyKalientoMoment Game

For the biggest fans of our little Kaliento we launch a new game : the #MyKalientoMoment.
By this way try to win a Kaliento personalized with your nickname. How to play ? Just tweet a picture with your Kaliento during the DreamHack Open and tag us with  #MyKalientoMoment hashtag.
For us DreamHack is also the opportunity to support and meet the Bequipe Family! Do not hesitate to support our partners aleready engaged in this competition. Oserv, Crystal or Requiem on Fortnite, Kore on PUBG or Zephyr on LOL. We wish them luck, and may the best man win 🙂


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