How training yourself on CS: GO?

Counter-strike is one of the most competitive games in the eSports community with millions of serious players and hundreds of full time pros who all want to play at their best. But eSports often has had a bad reputation in the eyes of older generations, who didn’t grow up with games in their everyday live and don’t value games as much as we do. Therefore we were left to find how you can improve your performance with specifics cs go training. Most just play a lot … seriously … a lot. It’s not like you can learn eSports in schools like soccer or running track, so there are no teachers or training plans that people have access to. So we teach ourselves via Youtube and Twitch by watching pros plays. But how did they reach their level?


Muscle memory

Muscle memory is an informal way of referring to the acquisition of automatic and coordinated motor skill and does not involve the muscles actually remembering anything. cs go training muscle-memoryThe memories are stored in the brain. When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task. Now you can perform this task without conscious effort. This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems. That’s why playing against bots is a good cs go training. By this way you will be more effective and focused during your clutch.


Exercise your Eyes

Eye-hand coordination is the ability to switch your focus quickly. And you can actually improve this skill by spending a few of minutes per day on a simple near-far drill, says Josh Sandell, DC, a sports medicine specialist and conditioning coach. Take two similarly-sized, detailed objects—like playing cards, book covers, or magazines—and place one about 45cm away from you and the other about 3m away. Focus on the nearer object for five seconds, studying as many details as you can, then switch to the far object. This exercice will encourage quick shifting of focus from side to side. And even though you can’t practice different depths and distances with an iPad, apps like Vision Tap and Luminosity also help improve reaction time.


Aim and Reaction Time

I will not explain again how hands temperature can impact your reaction time. Let’s be more factual: having a good aim is one of the key aspects of being a successful player. One of the most popular ways to practice is with an aim map, cs go training forceparticularly training_aim_csgo2. This CS GO training allows you to customize anything from speed to size of the targets. Tanks to it you will improve your eye-hand coordination. This skill is a complex cognitive ability. As it calls for us to unite our visual and motor skills, allowing for the hand to be guided by the visual stimulation. Eye-hand coordination on Counter-strike is like mastering the force on Star Wars. Being able to win aim duels consistently can help you a lot.



I think the skill level the eSports Community has reached as a whole is great. Still, grinding for hours, days and weeks is tough way to go, even if you just love playing the game. But you might want to improve your skill faster and stop reinventing the wheel again and again. I will give you the last advice if you are looking for innovative practice visit aim400kg 😉

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