Bequipe : a new project to improve eSports gamer & team performance.

The creation of the Kaliento hand warmer came from an observation: classic heaters are not adapted to gaming. Back in April, we had excellent feedbacks on our first website so we decided to move forward.

We created BEQUIPE (bikwip) – “be a team”. Our goal is to improve the comfort and the performance of all gamers!


Most companies in the video game’s world praise the performance of computers. Those are important elements to play in good conditions but it is not the quality of your computer that will make you win a tournament… it is your own skills!

Bequipe performance

A good eSports player has the same characteristics than traditional athletes: dexterity, reaction time, patience, concentration and team play. Therefore it is essential for all players, amateur or professional, to play in optimal conditions to be at its best.

We will continue to fight cold-hands syndrome by offering new products for our range of hand warmers: Kaliento. We will also launch innovative products to solve problems that you, gamers, face: back pain, sweaty hands, and performance optimization. Finally, we provide physiotherapy services on request adapted to the needs of your teams and the schedule of the season.

We invite you to visit our website, this blog and our social networks to discover the achievements made with our solutions.

Feel free to ask any question below and see you soon!

Bequipe crew

3 thoughts on “Bequipe : improving gamer and team performance

  1. Antonino says:

    Hello Bequipe crew,

    For your information you need to change the link of twitter (social networks) it redirects towards the following address “https://twitter.com/KalientoGaming” but the new is https://twitter.com/BequipeGaming no ?

    ps: sorry if my english is bad :'(

    Antonino “Tidu” Debilio
    General Manager eSport for Wayers

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