Aim better is pretty much half of what makes you a good player. The other half is game sense, team play, and communication. We have already written a post about few tips like muscle memory. Now let’s dive much deeper into aim training.

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Hardware is the first milestone

First: your skill is only as good as your gear can handle. The two most important pieces of hardware when it comes to aim better are your mouse and mousepad. Luckily, mouse sensor technology has advanced to the point that you can get an accurate rodent without breaking the bank. Things to consider include DPI capabilities, weight, and button layout. Pro players generally recommend simpler and lighter mouse. In overwatch, League of Legends or Counter-strike you likely only need one or two thumb buttons for core abilities; if you are playing World of Warcraft this is another topics 😉

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Let’s get physical

Once your hardware is in a good place, you want to make sure that your body is too. Some gamers claim that eSports ergonomics can affect your performance (claw, palm, and fingertip grip are the three most commonly discussed). There are a lot of questionable infographics out there, but this mostly comes down to the size of your hand and how it fits the mouse you use. The common rules is: “What’s more important is the general ergonomics of your setup”. Don’t try to copy/paste a setup from your favorite player. You need to find your own!

Your body is an important part when you want to aim better. Dexterity and reaction time are key to success in eSports.

Grab a squeeze ball

Let’s do some real-life exercise about aim training! Grab a soft ball and hold it in your palm, squeezing it as hard as you can without causing your hands pain. Hold this position for three to five seconds, and then release. Work up to repeating this exercise 10 to 12 times for each of your hands. Continue this exercise two to three times weekly, but rest approximately two days before your next session. This exercise will provide the ability to hold things without dropping them. This exercise will optimize your mouse control.

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Use specific tools

When we talk about aim training, we talk about motor learning or muscle memory, and more specifically about eye-hand coordination. Think of it like shooting a basketball: when you shoot consistently from the same distance, you get a feel for shooting the ball from that distance so your average accuracy will go up. Your skills have increased through consistent practice, and this is no different for aim better in video games. To develop this reflex ability you can use specific tools as 3Daimtrainer or AimHero.


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