Co-Founder operationnal management & eSport

Hugo has been playing video games since he was a kid. He played Counter Strike competitively for 5 years. Hugo is passionate about gaming and eSport. Today after his engineering studies he is working on finding solutions to improve players’ performances.


Co-founder sales & marketing

Remi has been passionate about gaming since he started playing Smash Bros. After working in a big company as a sales manager, his passion for entrepreneurship has led him to join the team and bring this project to life.

How did we start ?

Hugo : « Fascinated by esport and having played 5 years, I regularly suffered from cold hands which reduced my responsiveness. In looking for solutions to my problem, I noticed that no technological product was proposed and the disposable heaters were not adapted to my use. Therefore, I decided to design an innovative electric hand warmer: Kaliento »

Remi : « Occasional player, I became fond of esport at the Dreamhack. I decided to build partnerships with teams and tournament organizers to reveal and convey our vision: improving the comfort and performance of players. Believing firmly in the future of these competitions, I now work on making Bequipe able to accompany all players: amateurs and professionals.»